About Us

Welcome to 3B Beef, where we are committed to helping clean eaters like you find quality and flavorful beef that you can trust so that you can finally enjoy your protein without fear.

Have you ever questioned is the beef I’m eating pure? Is the inflammation, poor gut health I’m experiencing a result of what I’m eating?  Well, that is where our story begins.

Just like many of our best customers, we understand what it is like to be unable to trust the integrity of the meat sold in stores that results in poor health. That is why in 2013 we launched 3B Beef.With a few acres, just as many animals and a lot of hard work we were committed to doing things the right way.

Today, we are recognized as the leading farm-to-table meat producer our customers have grown to know and trust.

 At 3B Beef we are committed to pasture raised, quality fed and the overall health of our cattle. You will find in most available sources. We believe this is essential for providing a quality product that is healthy for families and healing for the environment.

We are proud to be a part of the farm-to-table movement and to be able to offer our customers the highest quality meat that is created in the purest setting producing delicious and safe to consume beef. 

Many find that our customers have found our products create a healthy, happy choice that they can trust and believe you will too.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to Eating clean, staying healthy and enjoying the food you eat.

By supporting our farm and sharing your experience with friends and family as well.

Thank you for choosing 3B Beef. We look forward to serving you and bringing you along in our farm journey.